Do You Know? What is Safe Mode in Android? Safe Mode in 2022

Hey Guys, Welcome to IconicBlogger. Today we are come to with you on another topic, today we are discussing safe mode in android and also tell you how to enable and disable it. So let’s begin.

What is Safe Mode in Android

Safe mode is the secure boot mode on your phone where the system turns into a high-security level to protect the device from an external source. External sources include the third-party apps installed on your phones. For this reason, the phone booted into the safe mode without showing the third-party apps and their data. It means, it boots the system as fresh as like on the top.

In another world, safe mode is the temporary method for blocking the third-party apps installed in the phone to control the degree of risk and its effect on running the system. Besides its automatic boot in safe mode, you can also turn it on manually for a faster user experience than before.

So, here we are with the ways on how to enable safe mode in android and how to disable safe mode in android phones.

How to turn safe mode on and off in Android
How to turn safe mode on and off in Android

How to turn safe mode on and off in Android

Sometimes our phone gets turned on into safe mode due to some conscious an unconscious reason. In another hand, a safe mode is needed to turn on many situations in our mobile phones too. If you are smartphones users then you may hear about the safe mode. But the thing is that did you know anything about safe mode, it’s harmful or useful to us.

Safe mode is one of the minor options found on every smartphone. These features will get activated automatically when the status of your phone is at risk. Yes, Safe Mode features are used to get activated automatically when your phone is at the ending stage of the life span.

Let me explain in short. Freezing, lagging, or hanging off the phone is one of the major annoying factors that make us angry with our phones. Yes, if you are using an old phone then you may be the result of the Safe Mode.

Enable Safe Mode in Android
Enable Safe Mode in Android

Steps to Enable Safe Mode in Android

The process of enabling or turning on safe mode may differ based on its brands.

  • Turn off your device by pressing the power and volume up-down button as per your device preference.
  • Press and keep on holding the power button for few seconds or until the brand logo appears.
  • After the logo appears, suddenly release the power button and hold on to the volume down button. In some smartphones, you may hold the volume up button instead of the volume down button.
  • Release the finger from the volume button after the mobile boots.
  • Finally, your device is booted with the tag of Safe mode at the left-down corner of the screen.

Note: If you are still unable to turn on safe mode then you can make a few changes in this process like using the volume up instead of volume down.

Disable Safe Mode in Android
Disable Safe Mode in Android

Steps to Disable Safe Mode in Android

You can disable or turn off safe mode in your mobile phones in these simple steps,
When it comes to turning off the safe mode on your android device then you may have a lot of options to turn it off in a few minutes. For this, you can follow these simple steps,

  • Turn off your device.
  • And open the recovery mode.
  • From the recovery mode scroll down with the volume down button and press the ok with the power button on the Reboot device.

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How safe mode works?

Safe mode is the recovery boot mode in smartphones where the system operates its operation without the third-party apps. This mode works with the recovery features to optimize the real-time performance of your device.

What is the difference between safe mode and recovery mode?

Safe mode and recovery mode seems to be the same in any situation. Recovery mode is the mode where the users can access this mode to make changes in the functioning and system of the device.
Whereas safe mode is that mode that is mainly used to maintain the weak system of the device.

Does safe mode make the device faster?

Safe mode removes all of the third-party apps temporarily from your system. When the system removes all third-party apps from your device then the device will be like freshers and fully clean.
For this reason, the safe mode makes the device faster. But in fact, the experience can’t be as like-new phone.

After rebooting my device turns into safe mode, how to fix it?

If you are using older phones then in such times your phone may fail to work perfectly. Due to inconvenience and unhandled performance in old phones the system automatically boots your phone into safe mode.
To close this safe mode if it turns on automatically you can simply reboot the device as normal, this process will help your phone to get back in normal mode.

To use mobile in safe mode is safe?

The name clears that the Safe mode is that temporary environment created in your smartphones to protect as the backbone from the irresponsive performance. Using the mobile in safe mode is one of the best ways to keep on using the old phones as normally before. Therefore, to use mobile in safe mode is 100 percent safe.

Wrapping Up

Safe mode is the dual thinking mode for our smartphones. Using this mode may be beneficial and non-beneficial too. In many cases, it is one of the best ways to boost up the real-time performance of your phone and in another hand, it is the worst feature too.

Enabling this feature boost the real-time performance of the phone. If your old phone lacks to perform well then it may be the option to get it back to normal work. But in another hand, this mode boycott all the third-party apps installed on your phones.
Third-party apps include those apps which are installed externally and additionally from different sources. Therefore, safe mode is the situational mode for your mobile phones which can be used as per the requirements of you and your smartphones.

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